Online school of Web Technologies
Your Child will receive market relevant skills —Web Design and Website Creation

Online Course "Web Design for teenagers". Suitable for children between 12 and 17 years old
- Within 3 months we will cover the basics of web design and create our first portfolio
- We will teach how to find your first free lance projects and how to develop your web design skills further •
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Who is a Web Designer?
A Web Designer is an "artist" on the internet. A creative professional that creates:

· The appearance of websites, applications, and other online resources
· Internet banners (for websites, advertisements, etc)

Web Design is an up-and-coming profession with many job offers on the market. Web Designers have the luxury to choose to work remotely or in an office.
We suggest that your child learns Web Design and makes use of his or hers potential
Your child likes to draw, has good taste and is creative?

What will your child gain by completing the Web Design and Website Creation course?
Your child will create his first functional website!
We will create a portfolio and will grant functional skills so that the student can start earning an income or continue developing his skillset within this profession.
Creative potential will be developed
Your child will be able to use the computer as a tool for self-expression and creative development. We will teach your child how to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional website.
Social interaction with peers and support
We work in groups, exchange best practices and experience. We help motivate and inspire each other. Our support chats are always open for help.
Try a new profession
The more skills a teenager has – the easier it will be for him chose a career in the future. We teach the most relevant software skills that are currently being used in the Web Design world.
Course Curriculum:
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Key learning goal - teach teenagers key skills that a web-design profession requires

Lesson 1: Web-design as a job. What skills are required? What will I learn in this course and what I can do on my own to develop these skills?

Lesson 2: Good & bad web-design. How to determine? What are the most recent trends in web-design? How do successful web-designers find their inspiration? Types of websites depending on the goal and purpose.

Lesson 3: Client needs in web-design. What is important to know and ask before starting to work on a project? What is important to know about your client to begin your project?

Lesson 4: Importance of colors on a website and brand identity. Basic color theory for designers and color harmony. Psychology of colors. Where to find visuals for your website?

Lesson 5: Typography in web-design. How does typography set the tone, theme, and message of a website? What aspects influence choice of fonts? How to achieve legibility on various screen types (+ Adaptive Design)? How many fonts should a website have? How to find and install them? Good and bad examples of typography.

Lesson 6: Essential layout rules for a website. What are the key blocks and elements of a landing page? How to create an effective hierarchy and use proportions? How to create a strong focal point? What is modular web-design and how to use it?

Lesson 7: Intro to Figma. How to use this tool.

Lesson 8: Prototyping in Figma + Adaptive Design. What steps are involved in prototyping and what do you need to start?

Lesson 9: Intro to Website Builder

Lesson 10: Website Builder Practical Lesson + Adaptive Design

Lesson 11: Creating a landing page. Best UX/IS Portfolio websites to use in 2021. How to use them for the project.

Lesson 12: Project presentation & farewell. Summary of skills learned.
What does the course look like?

Course duration: 3 months
Amount of lessons: 12
Lesson frequency: once a week for 1-1.5 hours
Live stream of lessons + a recording of each lesson
Questions will be answered directly by the teacher
Homework to help solidify the learned information
WhatsApp channel with other students and the teache

Upon completion of the course your child receives:
A Certificate proving that the student did a great job on the course.

His own project – a functioning website

A ton of positive emotions as well as a market relevant skill
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choose the time when it would be better to contact you

Price 42 $ per lesson
30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801


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