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Your YoungoO Web Design Teacher from LA:
  • Started her career path in Nike and has over nine years of agency experience.

  • Worked closely with designers and developers to build out iOS, Android, desktop, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV platforms.

  • In 2019 launched Chayland Design, a design agency for entrepreneurs, tech startups, and idea-makers. Amongst projects: GoPro Awards, The Port of Long Beach, Encore labs, Tapatio, etc.

  • Believes in creating emotion-driven experiences that inspire, delight, and resonate with the people they serve.
Meet Chay Land
Explore some of lessons of our web-design course
Lesson 1:
Web Design as a career
Skills that are required for a web designer. What you will learn in this course and how to use this knowledge on your own.
Lesson 2:
Good & Failure Web Design
Trends of web design. Sources where successful web designers find their inspiration. Types of websites in function of the goal and purpose.
Lesson 3:
Client needs in Web Design
All you need to know and ask before starting to work on a project. What you should know about your client before you start the project.
Lesson 4:
Importance of colors on a website and brand identity
Basic color theory for designers and color harmony. Psychology of colors. Where you can find the visuals for your website.
Lesson 5:
Typography in Web Design
The tone, theme, and message of the typography on a website. How to achieve legibility on various screen types. Examples of typography.
Lesson 6:
Essential layout rules for a website
The key blocks and elements of a landing page. How to create an effective hierarchy and use proportions. Creation of a strong focal point. Web Design modular and its usage.
Lesson 7:
Intro to Figma. How to use this tool
Lesson 8:
Prototyping in Figma + Adaptive Design. The main steps in prototyping
Lesson 9:
Intro to Website Builder
Lesson 10:
Website Builder Practical Lesson + Adaptive Design
Lesson 11:
Creating a landing page
Best UX/IS Portfolio websites examples in 2021 and how to use them in design.
Lesson 12:
Project presentation & farewell
Summary of learned skills.
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Homework to solidify students' knowledge
Real-time questions with a teacher
Live stream of lessons with a recording of each lesson
WhatsApp group for the students and the teacher
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